• Setting up a recycling program at your business is the place to start.
  • The facts are that in recycling just one ton of office paper you help save:
  • - 17 trees
  • - 384 gallons of oil
  • - 4,100 gallons of water
  • - and 3 cubic yards of
       landfill space.
  • It makes a difference, too! Recycling lowers your waste hauling expenses and generates goodwill and camaraderie among your employees and customers. This translates into increased profits and improved employee loyalty. It's simple. Recycling works for business.
  • Arizona Pacific Pulp and Paper, Inc.
  • Waste Paper Recycling Services
  • 3209 South 36th Street Phoenix AZ 85040
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Welcome to Arizona Pacific Pulp and Paper Inc.


APPP serves the entire state of Arizona as well as its surrounding states. APPP does this by processing waste paper and supplying mills with the highest paper stock for American and Worldwide products. Arizona Pacific enjoys and continues to forge a strong and proud reputation among the international recycling industry. We offer a history of success since 1982. APPP has continuously grown and prospered since becoming an independently owned Arizona recycling corporation in 1997. We offer the following services to help your company process its recyclables successfully:


  • Complete / Customized Recycling Services to make the most of your company's scrap paper.


  • Full Service Processing to handle any and all of your materials: cardboard, wax cardboard, office paper, plastics, multiwall bags, and more.


  • Complete Brokerage Services to coordinate and handle all shipments.


  • Competitive Pricing to increase your profits.


  • Experienced, Friendly Staff to respond to your individual requests and service requirements.


  • Recycling Audits to maximize recovery of your resources and minimize your costs while striving towards our environmental commitments. For companies whose waste hauling costs exceed $500/mo, APPP can help your company to recycle, as well as reduce costs by 20-50%.


  • Full Service Trucking to tailor to your needs and also for immediate service.


  • Certified Scales to ensure integrity.


  • Book Recycling to recover value as well as avoid landfilling.


  • Document Destruction to ensure your protection, privacy and security.